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Draco/Hermione Art
21st-Aug-2008 10:25 am - One quick sketch of Hermione
Hermione sketch
Title: . . . Random sketch of Hermione
Artist: acerola21
Characters: Just Hermione
Rating: G
Media used: Pen
Warnings: None whatsoever
Notes/comments: Well, I'm still not the "watch this comm, something is brewing!" thing-a-ma-bob, but I hope that you'll like my sketch. It's really rough and sketchy - not very neat at all - but I sort of explored who Hermione is in my mind a bit, and to be honest with you I kind of like how they turned out. So, um, yeah - go see it! And comment! 'Cause comments are luurrve. X)


19th-Aug-2008 03:01 am - Hello dhr_art!
I'm new here to lj communities, and lj in general. When I was like, 12 years old I used to have an old account. Looking back on it, it's all really boring stuff filled with quizzes and other such nonsense that's terribly boring to reflect on. I decided to re-get a livejournal because many other artists had them, and it looked like a lot of fun. I use mine as something like a sketch blog/movie/animation critic/random news sort of thing. Haha. So nice to meet you!

I thought I'd start off my first community post with a... sketch thing.

Title: Yes, Malfoy?
Artist: yazzydream
Characters: Hermione, Draco
Rating: G
Media used: Facebook Graffiti Wall, mouse
Warnings: None
Notes/comments: Yes, so this isn't anything terribly impressive. I drew this using facebook's graffiti wall one day for a fellow HG/DM fan.

17th-Aug-2008 09:03 am - BS'ed Hermione
Hermione doodle
Um, I'm definitely not the "something is brewing, watch this comm!" thing that sandi_wandi talked about - though I'm really excited to see what that's about - so anyways, I wanted to share my BS'ed Hermione on Photoshop, because . . . well, because I can. :P

Hope you like!


(I hope this ok to post here, I didn't see a rule against it.)

As you probably know, Rizzle just completed her epic fic, The Dragon's Bride. If you are saying "Wha?" right now, I'd like to compliment you on your sedimentary habitat and invite to read this wonderful story at the Coloured Grey archive. But I digress.

It would be a wonderful thing if Rizzle had artwork to accompany that amazing story. Even as I type, elvishly is coverting TDB into a pdf. Here, Elyaeru has posted a plea request for art.

I wish I could draw well, but I can't. I am hoping a few of you have something that would work or can make something that will.

Thank you!
18th-Jun-2008 09:53 pm(no subject)
Hermione doodle
Hey guys! I have another sketch for you, and this time, Emma actually looks like Emma. I sort of got lazy and quit half-way through, but I hope you don't mind.


(Fake cut to the sketches)
17th-Jun-2008 09:54 am(no subject)
Hermione doodle
Title: Emma?
Artist: acerola21
Characters: Hermione (?)
Rating: G
Media used: Pencils + photoshop for rendering
Warnings: None
Notes/comments: Um, I sort of did a sketch on Emma - it doesn't really look like her at all, but I worked very hard on it. Hope you like. :)


(Fake cut to the sketches)
30th-Mar-2008 07:02 pm - Hermione art
Title: Belle
Artist: ayrith
Characters: Hermione
Rating: G
Media used: mechanical pencil, colored pencils
Warnings: none
Notes/comments: Another quick little fanart (though the quality is much better on the actual paper...) for We Happy Few by JKRsunkmyship. So while its only Hermione, it comes from a Draco/Hermione fanfic! Once again, the story is lovely and will warm your heart. GO read!

Excerpt under the cut

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4th-Mar-2008 12:38 pm - Dramione Art :)
v for vendetta ☆ our ideals
I've been procrastinating a lot in the art thing and I decided to colour this at last. Looks like I have a preference for night scenarios (or snowy ones, I love drawing Christmas themes XP). Anyways, hope everyone like it!

Title: Midnight Flight
Artist: malena_sama
Rating: Completely G
Media used: Pencil and loads of Adobe Photoshop

( Midnight Flight (G) )

X-posted: dhr_art, draco_hermione, dramione and the_dhr_palette (everywhere? XD)
4th-Feb-2008 12:42 pm - Intro Post + Art
v for vendetta ☆ our ideals
Hello! It's me, Malena!
I first started with the arts when: A friend and I discovered anime. She drew like ten thousand times better than me and I worked hard to improve myself and be able to compare my art to hers (I didn't count she would improve a lot too! XD)
And then, I found out about fandom. My first thought was: I didn't realise fandom existed until I was completely absorbed in it!
My favourite media is: Adobe Photoshop. Or any digital program you may use.
My favourite character/situation to draw is: in the Harry Potter fandom it's Hermione all the way. I love drawing her hair *_*
One thing you need to know about me: 22 yrs old. From Barcelona, Spain (that's why, forgive any mistakes you may see in my writing) and currently running a D/Hr spanish LJ community: cueroylibrerias ^^
If I had the modpowers, I would: I'm already a mod, don't give me more work! XD
dhr_art mods are: AWESOME!/CRAZY! -> Indeed!

Title: --
Artist: malena_sama
Characters: Draco/Hermione
Rating: PG-13
Media used: Pencil, ink and a touch of Adobe Photoshop CS
Notes/comments: Done as a Christmas gift for foolforspike

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You can fin more D/Hr art in my dA gallery :)
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