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Draco/Hermione Art
Artists, go pimp your art!!! 
25th-Feb-2010 03:33 pm
DA_Best of 09
Nominations for the Dramione Awards: "Best of 2009" are still going on, and we need more art nominations! We realize that it may be a bit harder for participants to find eligible art, so that's where YOU come in!

If you posted any Dramione art in 2009, feel free to leave a comment to THIS POST at the awards community with links to your creations. And if anyone knows of any other places to find 2009 Dramione art, please leave a comment at that post as well. Everyone make sure to indicate whether a link goes directly to art that is NWS (not work safe)!

For more information on nominating art or fiction, read the rules and procedures at the dramione_awards community!
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